selecting a lighting testing lab


Why Should You Chose Us?

ITL truly believes that every customer should always receive both accurate test results and quality customer care. ITL has built our stellar reputation over the past 60+ years by working hard every day to deliver the accurate and timely test results that our customers have come to expect and appreciate.

Truly Independent Reports

The Advantage of ITL

ITL is truly an independent test lab. We do not have any ties to lighting related manufacturers or specifying bodies. This gives lighting specifiers total confidence in the impartiality of ITL’s test reports. Our clients can also be confident that their trade secrets are safe with ITL. 

Other Testing Labs

There have been and still may be lighting laboratories which serve the lighting industry that have direct ties to lighting manufacturers. Are you receiving unbiased test reports? Is it possible that using these laboratories may jeopardize your valuable trade secrets? Another consideration is; are you contributing to your competitor’s bottom line?



Staff Experience

Staff ExperienceThe Advantage of ITL

The ITL personnel who perform, review and approve your reports have well over 100 years of combined experience with testing lighting products.

Other Testing Labs

We suggest that you ask other laboratories how much experience their staff (that reviews and approves your reports) has and compare.





ReputationThe Advantage of ITL

Having served the lighting industry Since 1955, ITL has built a reputation for producing test reports of the highest quality and accuracy which lighting specifiers have come to trust.

Other Testing Labs

Other lighting test labs simply cannot compare to ITL’s longevity and recognition throughout the industry. With over 60 years of service to the lighting industry, no one else even comes close.




Test Procedures

Test ProceduresThe Advantage of ITL

ITL takes great care in performing your tests, no short cuts are taken. We always allow adequate stabilization of the lamp and/or luminaire. ITL also selects an adequate number of vertical and lateral data acquisition points to accurately define your test sample. ITL has had over 60 years to perfect our test procedures.

Other Testing Labs

There are laboratories in the industry who have been known to take less than a full set of photometric data to represent a luminaire. Some have even been known to take just one quadrant of data to represent a quadrilaterally symmetric luminaire. Due to limitations in their test apparatus some labs cannot take a sufficient number of test data points to accurately define your test samples. Others have limitations where they cannot test your luminaire in the orientation that it’s applied in. We believe, there are also labs that do not allow the lamp and/or luminaire to fully stabilize before testing.


AccuracyThe Advantage of ITL

Each ITL photometric report is reviewed by both a technician and an engineer who use a 40+ point checklist to validate report accuracy.

Other Testing Labs

What does the lab you’re using do to validate report accuracy?





Need accurate and truly independent test reports to represent your products?

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