ITL Type C Moving Mirror Goniophotometer Systems

Per IES LM-79 – Type of Goniophotometer: Goniophotometer shall be the type that maintains the burning position unchanged with respect to gravity; therefore, only type C goniophotometers are allowed.

Goniophotometer           Goniophotometer

ITL G6X2 Goniophotometer

Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. has been providing large and small goniophotometric test systems to the lighting industry in the U. S. and Europe for over 40 years. The skills of lighting experts, experienced manufacturing personnel, and the talents of software and firmware developers have been assembled to produce custom-designed systems that are second to none in the lighting industry. The resulting product is tailor-made to the application, providing the exact functionality required by each individual client. ITL’s custom goniophotometric data acquisition and reduction software are consistently updated to meet the current requirements of the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America).


ITL G4X2 Goniophotometer Side View

Why Purchase an ITL Goniophotometer? With ITL's 60 plus years in the photometric testing business and our very experienced staff, you can be confident that our superior service will continue to be around to provide support and upgrades for your goniophotometer system. As most long-time lighting industry professionals understand, it can take a long period of time (months or perhaps years) to become fully knowledgeable and proficient in the practice of goniophotometry. As the owner of an ITL goniophotometer system, you will have access to the advice and consultation of our expert staff, which we are confident you will find invaluable. We encourage our goniophotometer clients to compare ITL's service and expertise to that of other goniophotometer manufacturers. ITL looks forward to providing you with the equipment and service that has made us "The Light Center of the Industry".  

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