Integrating Sphere

Sphere and Spectroradiometer

Integrating Sphere
  • Steel Sphere with durable exterior coating (available in 1/2 meter,  1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meter and 3 meter sizes)
  • Scientific Grade Spectroradiometer
  • Nearly lambertian high reflectance interior coating
  • Brackets and sockets to accommodate a few typical lamp types
  • Halogen auxiliary lamp to correct for self-absorption of test sample and test sample mounting hardware.
  • The spectroradiometer is equipped to cool it’s sensor to –15 degrees C. This minimizes noise, dark current and drift
  • High-speed USB interface
  • Fiber optic cable with cosine diffuser for connection between spectroradiometer and integrating sphere
  • If requested, ITL’s assistance in designing your integrating sphere test laboratory
  • ITL engineer at customer’s facility for two days for system integration and training. (Training is for operation of the integrating sphere only, no training in the practice of photometry is included. Should you wish to have training in the practice of photometry, please let us know and we will provide a separate quotation)
  • ITL’s sphere/spectroradiometer calibration software
  • Includes an electronic shutter for required dark current measurements
  • Thermal data logging capabilities using virtually any thermocouple type or combination thereof. For measurement of sphere ambient temperature and up to SEVEN other temperature measurement points
  • Matched set of three halogen spectral/lumen standard lamps


ITL’s Windows® compatible stabilization and data acquisition software
Integrating Sphere
  • Acquires stabilization data at user selected time intervals
  • Has automated test stabilization monitoring
  • User can collect data automatically after stabilization has been achieved
ITL’s Windows® compatible data reduction software generates test reports that include:
  • Spectral measurements from 380nm to 780nm (tabulated in 5nm increments on report)
  • Total Radiant Flux (Watts) from 380nm to 780nm
  • Spectral Power vs. Wavelength Diagram (Spectral Flux Distribution Curve)
  • Total Luminous Flux (lumens)
  • Efficacy (lumens/Watt) (with wattage from Power Meter)
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Average Color Rendering Index (CRI Ra)
  • CRI R9 (Strong Red)
  • All other CRI values (R1-14)
  • ANSI C78.376 or C78.377 Duv
  • Chromaticity Coordinates (1931 x,y / 1976 u’ v’)
  • Ratio of Scotopic to Photopic Lumens
  • 1931 CIE Diagram
  • Report presented in Postscript, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Input Electrical Measurements: Voltage, Current, Wattage, THD (from customer’s power analyzer – may be extra cost to write a driver to communicate with the power analyzer)
  • Spectral Flux tabulated in 1nm increments tabulated in a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file

Optional Capabilities:

  • *Extended Spectral Measurements (below 380 nm): 250 nm to 379nm
  • *Extended Spectral Measurements (above 780 nm): 781 nm to 2400nm

*Contact ITL to discuss the extended measurement range that you desire

Optional Equipment and Services:

  • Custom Power Control and Monitoring Racks  (Single or dual output systems. Dual output systems can power up to two test devices  – goniophotometer, sphere, thermal test station, etc.)

    IESNA photometric test requirements include special requirements for supplying and monitoring precision regulated power to your test samples on the goniophotometer or in your integrating sphere. These custom power control and monitoring racks will meet these requirements.

    These racks include:
    1. Precision AC voltage regulator.
    2. Precision DC power supply to power standard lamps and/or test samples requiring DC input
    3. Power Analyzer for measuring output to testing device(s) (goniophotometer, sphere, thermal test station, etc.)
    4. Patch panel with variable transformers
  • Custom winch/hoist trolley system
    If requested, ITL will provide information (at no additional charge) for building a custom winch/hoist trolley system to support large/heavy test samples in your large integrating spheres

Why Purchase an ITL Integrating Sphere System?

With ITL’s 60 plus years in the photometric testing business and our very experienced staff, you can be confident that our superior service will continue to be available to provide support and upgrades for your integrating sphere system.  As most long-time lighting industry professionals understand, it can take a long period of time (months or perhaps years) to become fully knowledgeable and proficient in the practice of photometry.  As the owner of an integrating sphere system from ITL you will have access to the advice and consultation of our expert staff, which we are confident you will find invaluable. ITL looks forward to providing you with the equipment and service that has made us “The Light Center of the Industry”.